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Welcome to Craftee’s official merchandise store!

Hey guys, Craftee here! Thanks for checking out my store!

I am a handsome blue square dude, and have been making Minecraft videos since July of 2021. It has been jaw dropping to see how many people tune in to watch me explore Minecraft with my crazy challenges, custom videos, and bad puns. We are approaching 1 billion views across our videos! How amazing is that?! For all the support the Craftee Crew (that’s you guys) have shown to me, I wanted to return the favor by making the best quality merchandise known to Minecraft kind. I hand pick the designs and ideas for the merchandise, from custom hearts hoodies, to signed plushies, I make them with love! Thanks for all the support, and helping us make these videos. 

From your blue pal, 


Creative Conquest partnered with Craftee in 2020 to create official Craftee merchandise. Creative Conquest is a Texas based merchandise and design company that brings creator’s vision to life with premium quality merchandise. Creative Conquest has partnered with some of the largest creator’s in the YouTube gaming space, fulfilling over 50,000 products to customers since 2020. With the focus of customer experience in mind, each product is printed, packaged, and shipped from their warehouse in Harlingen, Texas, guaranteeing quality control and customer satisfaction.

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Address: 1002 W. Van Buren Ave. Harlingen, TX 78550, USA